Brave Little Man

Ah, Cole. My sweet, tough, ER-bound boy. Was it only 6 months ago we took him to the ER to get stitches in his head? No, 5 months. Poor little bug. This time it was his finger. A few weeks ago he was out back while Cody was chopping fire wood. One of the split logs flew off and landed right on the tip of Cole's left index finger. OW. I was inside when it happened, I heard Cole crying really hard and when Cody came in cradling him, I was sure he'd lost an appendage or something. He was trying to be brave, letting Cody look at it and clean it up. Cody took him to the ER and they numbed up his finger and gave him a few stitches under his nail (ew, I know. ew.).

He's been SO stoic and tough when we treat his war wound. He still has a few weeks where we'll need to be careful with it, but it hasn't slowed him down at all. Yay! Should be back in the ER in no time.

PS - I firmly believe that parents of injured children should be able to register for a siren they can stick to the top of their car when driving a child to the Hospital. They could call dispatch on the way, give them their registration number and make it to the ER in record time, yes? Yes. I'm writing my Senator.


Heidi said...

Oh, poor little dude! I'm glad it was just his finger and that your sweet husband was right there. Also, I think your idea for the siren is awesome.

Mark said...

Way to go, little buddy. And, yes, that would be awesome for parents to have that siren thing. Have you asked Cody was he thinks about that? ;)