Happy New Year!

2012 is here, my friends! What a year it will be, I can feel it. I have so many resolutions - probably too many. I'm trying to make some reasonable ones, you know...ones I know I will actually achieve. Others will be a challenge, others may not happen...but hey! Resolutions are in order.

2011 was a stellar year with many-a-highlight. Cody's gym Viking Crossfit was named the #1 Health Club in Utah County, I Asst. Directed a show, costumed TWO shows (I'm an idiot), we found out we're having another boy, we made great progress on our house, took our boys to Disneyland...truly a stellar year. I still have to post about many things - which is one of my resolutions! To post more! Aren't you stoked? More of my trivial dribble to read? I thought so.

We are so very blessed and I'm so looking forward to making this year amazing. Can't wait to get started. Ring a ding ding!

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Kim said...

I miss you!! We MUST get together and have lunch again to catch up on everything! I just landed a great part in a show! See, we have lots to talk about!!!