Mother of sons

A lot of people have asked me in the past 8 months how I feel about having another boy. I get told nearly every day, "Oh, you NEED a girl." or "Wow, another boy..." or "Are you going to keep trying until you get your girl?". Even, "Oh man, you must be so bummed.". Really.

Here's the thing, friends - I am over the moon to be the mother of boys. I LOVE little boys. I mean, it's all I know, I'm sure mothers of girls feel the same way. I would love to have a little girl, but we are not going to keep 'trying' until we get one. We might be done after this baby, we might not - I'm not sure yet. And if we have a 4th baby and that's a son? I will still be over the moon.

I tell people that it's my third boy and joke, "Yep - I'm in trouble!" or "It's all we know how to make!"...but how I love my little boys. I mean, how lucky am I? I have started to realize what a great responsibility it is to raise sons. I will be the woman they look up to, the one who teaches them how to be solid young men. They will learn from their amazing Dad how to treat women and it's up to us to teach them the importance of family.

A friend of mine posted this video today...

"But young men you will learn if you have not already that in frightening, even perilous moments, your faith and your priesthood will demand the very best of you and the best you can call down from Heaven. You must be ready and worthy to act. That is why the Lord repeatedly says in the scriptures, "Be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord."

What a responsibility I have. To raise righteous sons. To raise noble, strong, worthy, righteous sons. And how honored I feel to have that responsibility. How honored I feel to be the mother of sons.


Tayva said...

And sons are for mothers. Amen.

Hailey said...

I adore my son. I think the mother son relationship is dreamy!

Kateastrophe said...

I love your boys...and let's be honest, if I had the cute/sweet/hilarious boy formula down the way you and Cody do, I wouldn't want to mess with it either! You're a fantastic Mom and I love watching you with your boys. And I love you.

Rosey said...

What? I may or may not be wiping a little tear right now.. don't judge (not that you would). You're the best mother a son could ever ask for!! Hooray for baby boys!

Bethany said...

Loved this post.