So Kind

Thank you all for your dear comments on my shame spiral post. I was so touched by the encouraging messages and the offers to help, you are wonderful people. It's a relief to know that I'm not the only one that feels or has felt this way. I think that as women and mother's we put so much pressure on ourselves to make everything perfect. Our houses should always been clean and decorated, our children should always listen and be well-behaved, we are never tired and we're never upset. We have oodles of patience, we take meals to our neighbors, we get our grocery shopping done before we run out of anything and we're always wearing lip gloss.

I could easily hide all the drama I'm feeling and just pretend that everything is fine and I'm doing great and handling everything like a champ, but I don't have the energy. Things are a bit too much right now. Some days are better than others, and I have found that a good cry in the privacy in one's closet can do wonders for one's clarity. I need to remember to see the big picture and to focus on what's important. Things really are looking up. I had a great weekend with my family and we had a lot of relaxing and down time...I still look around the house and start to panic at all the things that are waiting for my attention, but all in good time.

Thank you again for all the kind things you said. Can't promise I won't have another meltdown, but it's nice to know I won't be shunned for having a crappy week! Here's hoping this week is a sunny one.


Anonymous said...

No you are the kind one, I have read your blog like forever and I have watched how kind and sweet and good you are to your children. I see you taking great care of your children and your husband and wether its fixing your house for birthday parties or remodeling your house,you are allways kind to your readers, and dam I know its hard when your preggers but you you do it better than most so keep your chin up !!your doing a great job

Rosey said...

Ok so I had to back up and read the post before this one and all I can say is first of all WHO KNEW? YOU'RE HUMAN??? I mean I know you are Wonder Woman (straight out of the comic, I kid you not) but I just love that you are also a real, live, amazing woman who isn't afraid to cry and admit that sometimes life SUCKS!!! Now I am not going to pretend to know what you are going through with being 8-9 months prego and also having to take care of 2 other darling little boys but I still want to just tell you that I think you're INCREDIBLE! There is not a single person out there like you! I mean who else can spend 30 mins texting nothing but "Slipper and the Rose" quotes back and forth after not speaking/seeing each other for months and have totally just had a complete conversation and left it feeling closer than any friends possibly could? NO ONE! "Bottom Line" (thank you Kelli) I just love you.