Christmas House

May I brag? Of course I can. My house looked AWESOME this year. Amidst the construction mess and unfinished projects, there was tinsel and lights and holiday goodness. Oh, yes. I took loads of pictures so I can remember where I put everything for next year. Although, pretty sure our house will look different next year...so I might have to start from scratch. Again.

Before we go on, I have to gush about my picture wall that I'm so proud of. You see, I've told you before that I want to fill this wall with family pictures. And I will. But Christmas came first. So! Akin to my Halloween wall, I filled my frames with Christmas art I love. I eye-balled the whole thing and I took about 900 pictures of it so I can (hopefully...maybe) recreate it next year.
Hehe, I have to say one of my favorite things is the fact that I hung most of the things with screws. Other things...I used thumb tacks. And whatever else I could find.
Marvy, right? I'll be sad to take that all down. Next? My Christmas wreath I made. It's SO pretty, all glittery and fantastic. I'll have to store that so carefully, it's held together with hot glue and a prayer. I should probably add more feathers next year, too.
Awww, my tree. I loved our tree this year. We didn't adorn it with a single ornie...not sure why, but it was just a simple clean tree.
I nearly bought some tinsel icicles for it (next year!), but I couldn't find any. Instead I fell in love with this small vintage gold tinsel garland. I bought like 9 packs of it and draped it all over the tree.
Our mantle isn't done yet so I attached some garland to fill in the empty space, covered that with lights and made a festive 'Jolley' banner.
Sort of random, but I loved the little area on top of my piano.
Like our pretend hood? We should install that.

My chandy dripping in red jingle bells. The boys looooved ringing those every morning.
Oh, what's that? My picture wall again?
I want lit garlands all year long.
My wee computer space.
We set up our village! A triumph.

Today I plan on taking everything down. I have mixed feelings. I'm ready for the new year and all that goodness, but I hate how empty and hollow my house feels after Christmas. No tinsel! No garlands! No lights! Good thing I have a little man to get ready for...only 7 more weeks!!


Bethany said...

So festive and wonderful! I'm so impressed that you pulled all that off being as pregnant as you are, and with your house not quite finished. You amaze me! Love you! p.s. Did Santa grant your wish? Let's talk.

Rosey said...

What?? Why are you so perfect? LOVE that wreath on your door! Love the old movie decor (White Christmas... Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, SNOW!!! AH! Nothing is better!) and everything else you put up with lights and garlands, and tinsel! Marvy indeed!

Mark said...

Your home looks amazing! I'm very impressed. And, hey, consider the "emptiness" a fresh clean pallet for the rest of your holiday decor throughout the year. ;) Btw, Rosey, where is all of that "snow"? Julia, every time I see that movie I think of you. ;)