Hair Hotness

Ooey, gooey caramel. How I LOVE my new hair!! Seriously, how hot am I? A long overdo change, if you ask me (and others...trust me). I honestly am so happy with it, I can't even begin to tell you. Hooray for new hair! I highly recommend it.

Cody's parents are watching Cache tonight so that we can get to the Hospital early tomorrow morning. Cache just got picked up and it's really starting to hit me that we'll have two kids soon! Luckily we have everything ready, so we'll get to rest tonight. Better take advantage of a full night's sleep while I still can! Obviously, I won't be blogging from the Hospital. Howeva! I will post some info and pics when I get home. Wish me luck!


Kateastrophe said...

I LOVE IT!!! You look amazing!

And lots of luck and hugs to you for tomorrow! You'd better text me as soon as I have a new pseudo-nephew!


The Bastian's said...

I love your hair! What a little Vixen!! Good luck tomorrow, I can't wait to see pictures of your new little one!

Brittany said...

Who can ever go wrong with a little caramel? You look absolutely fabulous... and will look even more fabulous with two little boys at your hip!

Sheila said...

It looks FABULOUS! How great is that color! OMG!
I've been thinking about you all morning! I hope all goes well and we can see pics of your new little guy asap!
Love you!

{lizzythebotanist} said...

beautiful! i'm so excited for you!!!! (for the hair AND the baby boy)....oooh i can't wait to see pics and the real thing!

kelly said...

I love the hair! And I had to laugh because before I had Helene I got my hair done too. And I mean... like two days before I had her. I mean come on. You HAVE to have hot hair before people start in on the after labor pics that are scary enough.

Sneaker said...

Good luck, Orange Julius! You may already have the new little tow-head in your arms now...how exciting! Can't wait to see pics. And I love the new hair - but of course, you look fabulous topped in platinum and caramel and everything in between.