I've had quite the busy weekend! Although, when I think about what I did the past two days that made me feel so exhausted, it doesn't seem like I should feel this tired. Friday was my baby shower and afterwards Kate and I decided to go see a movie...yes, we went to 'Hairspray' again. So shameful! Ahhh, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - it's such a blast to watch.

Saturday I was busy putting together some pirate kits - my parents take a trip to Lake Powell with their friends every year and they asked me to put together the invitations. On Saturday I probably ran about 37 errands before Cache's naptime and then spent the evening up at my parents house putting them together and getting them ready to be delivered. I didn't have much time, but I think they turned out pretty great!

Here is the official invitation. The picture didn't turn out great, but these invites were hilarious. A little touch of pirate jargon can get anybody ready to swab the decks.

These were just some pirate maps that my Mom and I personalized.

The loot! Here is what each pirate's chest looked like. It was full of gold coins and plastic rings, a bandanna, a compass, shells, sand dollars, necklaces, a velvet pouch that held the pirate map and the official invite was on the top. I burned the edges and sealed it with red wax.

Ready to be dropped off! I tied each pirate's chest with 'seaweed', glued on some moss and topped it with a pirate flag. Oh, not to mention everyone got their own bottle of imported Pirate Rum.

I'm really happy with the finished product, but it totally wore me out! Cody worked for 3 days straight and finally came home this morning. He has a rare few days off and I'm SO happy to have him home! We'll be busy with nursery and home project stuff, but as long as he's around I'm good. Tomorrow we are going to a Fire Department dinner and pool party where there is a bathing suit contest for the firefighters - Cody is determined to win it. Don't you worry, I'll be taking pictures...


Heather said...

These look really great Jewels! I'm sure your parents friends will be so excited to get them!

And tell Dina good luck at the swimsuit contest...I'm sure he'll win it!

Kateastrophe said...

Yeah, you are incredible. Those things are so freaking awesome!!

The Bastian's said...

You do so good at these! There has to be a way for you to make money doing them!! You should do invitations for hire! Seriously! I love em!

{lizzythebotanist} said...

GOOD HELL!!! and you think I'M creative?!?!?! sheesh girl, you outdo yourself!