Happy February!

Ah, the month of love.  The month of pink hearts, chocolates and roses, groundhogs and...not...very many days.  I am in the process of changing the look of my blog (like I can't embellish my banner with pink goodness during a month that calls for it!), so please be patient while I change things here and there.  I just downloaded Illustrator to my computer and my sister (who is an artistic genius) has promised to help me in little over-the-phone courses every now and then.  Hopefully I'll get savvy enough to create a dreamy little banner - stay tuned and we'll see!

Not much has been going on, other than the fact that I live in a snow globe.  Snow globe livin', that's me.  I do love how everything is frosted in white, but I am itching for Spring!  I think I am getting ready for Spring Cleaning...I would love nothing more than to take an entire day and just clean my house from top to bottom - haul out all the old stuff, bring in some new, paint rooms, vacuum floors.  Since I can't open the doors and let the lovely aroma of spring blossoms enter my house, I should probably just have some cookies and watch a movie cuddled up in a blanket.  Viva la February!


Mark said...
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Mark said...

True. It was so nice to see you, Cody and the kids last night. What a family!

Hey, have you heard of Petunia Pickle Bottom? During 'design' chat at work today the company was brought up. Once I saw a glimpse of their products I immediately thought of you.

Jessica Patch said...

Jewels Petunia Pickle Bottom is the brand of my diaper bag (sorry reading your comments)!!!! Can't wait to see your creative February Flare on your blog coming soon!

Kateastrophe said...

I am SO HAPPY February is here. Maybe my blog needs an overhaul too . . . hmmm