Weekend Update

Thanks to everyone who commented on my Blogaversary!  Quite exciting, indeed.  This weekend was a wee bit hectic, let me start with how little Cole is doing.  The poor little dude has been so sick.  On Friday I took him to the Dr. to see if she could tell me what was wrong.  I thought it might be a bad cold, but I wanted to be sure it wasn't something worse.  Um - it was.  She told me he has Bronchialitis.  Sort of like a little pneumonia.  She said that there wasn't
anything I could give him other than Tylenol to help him feel better.  He has a really bad cough, it just wears him out when he gets a coughing fit, his eyes are all watery and he's weak and tired.  You can tell just by looking at him that he feels awful.  The Dr. said that he will get worse, she just wasn't sure how much worse.  'Thanks Dr. GoodNews, we'll see you next month!'.  Luckily his fever hasn't been high, so we've been able to avoid taking him to the Hospital.  Our friends Marc and Jessica let us borrow a humidifier for his room and today he finally seems to be doing a little better.  I feel so bad, he's just so little.  Hang in there, little guy!

On Saturday I went to Shari's baby shower with Ann and Heather.  I made some onesies, here's how they turned out -

This is probably my favorite one - Paper Doll

Glammy Girl
Cup of Sugar
...with pink ribbon ruffle bum - so cute!
Shari loved them, I can't wait to see her little girl in them!  I have lots more onesies to make, so the next few days will be busy.  I'll let you know why soon!

And finally, lets talk hair.  I have long hair.  It's great, I guess.  I like it.  But I am so bored with it!  Isn't that just the way of it?  We grow out our hair so it's long and then when it reaches mid-back we're like "Hmm, now what?"  Well, that's what I do at least.  I have worn it long forever and while I like that it's all straight and thick and luscious...that's really all I do with it.  I rarely curl it or put it up all fancy (other than for all the award shows I attend), so it just hangs there.  Last night I saw a shot of Beyonce' at the Grammy's and her hair was at her collar bone - and it looked SO great!  Mmmm, me envy.  I'm getting my hair done on Wednesday and I think I will be lopping off a few inches.  I mean, why not?  It grows back, I need a change and honestly - why not.  With any luck, I'll look something like this when it's all done:Guess I'll have to find my yellow dress and pink glitter puff...

What am I in love with?

1 - Naps
2 - That the days are getting longer
3 - Lint Rollers
4 - Quoting movies
5 - The relationship I have with my brothers and sister
6 - That I just pre-ordered 'Breaking Dawn', the 4th book in the 'Twilight' series.  Oh yeah, I can't WAIT!!!


Kateastrophe said...

Haha I have been having dreams of cutting my hair lately! In like a longish bob-esque sort of thing. I've been tempted a couple of times, let me tell you what.

Also, adorable onsies, as usual. I had no idea Shari was having a baby! How exciting!

I'm so sorry to hear about Cole. I can't imagine having a sick baby is fun for ANYONE involved, especially when it's supposed to get worse! And also, "Thanks Dr. GoodNews" made me laugh very hard.

I miss you. I'm in California wishing you were here!

Nicole said...

Oh, poor guy! Emma has been sick off and on for a while now. It's the pits to watch them and know that you can't make it all better.

You would look so cute with that cut! Be sure to post photos.

Very cute onsies too.

Jessica Patch said...

Tayva told me how sick Cole as been. I'm so sorry! That is so scary and sad to watch. I think your hair would look great short, but keep in mind my hair hasn't been past my shoulders since the 6th grade:)

Anonymous said...

How sad for your little boy. I'm so sick of winter and everyone being sick! You have such a cute face I'm sure your hair will look great with whatever you decide to do with it. You'll for sure have to post some pics if you chop it. Oh by the way I noticed that your hubby is a fireman, what city does he work for? My mom is a dispatcher at Orem and my brother is an officer in Provo. Wonder if he knows either of them?

The Bakers said...

JEWELS! You will be SOOOO HOT! DO EET!!!
Sorry about little Cole...that's what Ava and I had over the weekend and it was/is NO FUN. I'm so sorry. I've been hoping to keep it away from the baby, but she just started coughing this morning so I'm a wee bit scared...

sue-donym said...

I hope Cole is feeling better.

And today I met your fabulous mom! She spoke at a relief society lunch in my Mom's stake. She is as lovely as you are!

Heather-Rita said...

Hey jewels! I'm so sorry about Cole! I hope he is feeling better!

By the way...your onesies were the bomb!!