Happy Valentines Day!

The day of love - full of roses and chocolate and ooey gooey goodness.  Any special plans?  A candlelight dinner perhaps?  A day of spending time with the one you love?  Matching tattoos?  Cody works today and tomorrow, so I thought I would be so stealth and surprise him at work with some yummy Valentine treats, but he beat me to it.  After he left this morning, I walked into the kitchen to get a bottle for Cole and found a dozen long-stemmed roses, chocolates and a tender note that got me all misty.  Now I'll have to up the ante when I go see him.  Hmm, maybe I should put on my cupid costume...I mean, what's hotter than a diaper and a golden harp?  "I love you truuuuuly, truuuu leeeeeee deeeear!"

I have decided that today I will devote my loving list to what I love about Cody - 

 1 - He is my best friend.  Cody knows me better than anyone else, I love that I can tell him anything and we have the tightest relationship.
2 - He made me a Mother.
3 - I love spending time with him.  Even if we're doing nothing, it's the most important time I spend because I'm with him.
4  - He makes me laugh so. hard.  Cody is quite possibly the funniest person I know!  You wouldn't guess it at first, he's pretty quiet.  But that man can make me laugh until I cry - I adore that about him.
5 - He is the best dad to our kids.  I totally lucked out in that department - Cody is so patient with our boys and is so doting.  He is the biggest help to me and I don't fear parenting at all because I get to do it with him.
6 - I love that he's a handyman.  Cody has loads of projects all the time and while it makes me crazy sometimes, I admire that he knows how to do so many things.
7 - That he is so selfless.  Anyone who knows Cody knows that he will do anything for anyone.  
8 - That he is such a good cook!  
9 - That he still opens the door for me.
10 - That he is so devoted to me and our family.  He works so hard to provide for us and I love that.  He does all that he can to make our life great.  Happy Valentines Day, sweetheart - I don't deserve you, I love you sooo much!!

Now go give your Valentine a big kiss! MMmm-waa!

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Kateastrophe said...

Awww how great is Code?

Happy Valentine's! I love you!

Also, your hair is HOTTTT.