What are you going to do now?

I'm going to Disneyland!  The Jolley family is headed to the happiest place on Earth this Fall.  I know, it's forever away - trust me, I'm feeling anxious.  I haven't been since High School - our Orchestra and Choir went there on tour (oh yeah, we were big time).  I cannot wait to take little Cache and Cole, it's going to be so much fun!  Some of our friends and their kids are going, too.  Naturally, I have never been with children, so I'm open to advice.  My sister and her family went last year and had a total blast!  Along with Disneyland, we may try to hit the Zoo or Legoland.  I seriously cannot wait, it's going to rock.  Tonight I'm going to dinner with the girls that are coming to Disneyland, so we will talk about hotel details and other fun plans.  Have you been recently?  Tell me all about it!

I have to get some things done before going out tonight, but I shall post 5 things that I'm loving - 

1 - Quoting movies.
2 - imdb.com.  That silly movie website is so much fun to look at - tons of random facts about movies and actors that I love - go take a gander.
3 - Getting new calendars and filling them out.  I finally bought a new wall calendar for our kitchen and I'm so excited to go through it and mark up important days...I'm a geek.
4 - That Cache listens to me.  Cache is a great kid - so well behaved.  But like most kids, he has his moments where he won't listen to me and just makes me crazy (aren't toddlers a joy?).  Which is why I love it when he actually minds me!  I must have instilled the fear of a midnight ninja in him or something, because if he's acting up I can say his name and he stops and gives me full attention.  Love it!
5 - Supersonic car wash.  A clean car is great, getting your car cleaned at Supersonic?  Better.


Kateastrophe said...

Awww I love Disneyland! I revert to a hyper five year old when I'm there and i have the minnie mouse princess ears to prove it!

Never having been with kids, I have no advice. But I love you!

I remember that guy said...

Wow... I ran into Gary at my home away from home (Walkers) and he gave me the 411 on the Blonde Canary. I had put it off for too long and finally found it. My wife does a blog here that hasn't been updated for a good month or so and I'll post it here as soon as I know the site name.

These things are addicting as I've already made it back as far as Cody's last birthday in July. The highlight of course was the new little one. I love the pictures and it's nice to see Jim, Adam, John, Trent, and their families. ...not to mention Grady's Hulkamania Shot... smuggling a stuffed animal or some darned thing.

Anyway, I'll be a frequent visitor and post the occasional comment. I can see you are all well, so that's great. Give everyone my best and I hope to talk to you guys soon.


The Bastian's said...

Go to this link:

A friend of mine lives there and posted about it. I have never taken kids though so I really don't know. Good luck!...In the fall! :)

Heather-Rita said...

I can't wait! Too bad I'm practically already counting-down the days!!!