Late night

It's quite late, which means that Cody is working.  I am up late trying to get my house in order - I feel sort of overwhelmed with trying to get the boys rooms finished.  We have been working on them for a few weeks and currently they both look like a bomb went off.  We are so close to being finished, I promise to post pictures when they're done (because...I just know that you are sitting on the edge of your seating...with baited breath...I know it).

However!  I am still thinking of things I love, some more random than others - here we go!

1 - Great windshield wipers.  Lets be honest - life is too short to have bad wipers, am I right?
2 - Looking through pictures from when I lived in Vegas.  I never would have thought that living in Vegas would be one of the happiest times in my life, but I really did love it and looking through pictures from that time remind me of that.
3 - The smell of coconut.  That is instant Summer to me.
4 - Sugar cookie dough.  Duh.
5 - Hearing Cody come home in the morning.


The Bakers said...

So true. All of it. AND, LOVE THE PICTURES ON YOUR SIDEBAR. Classic fire engine wedding pics...love it.

Lucrecia said...

You definately have to post pics of your boys room when it's done. I'm STILL trying to get my boys room done. It just never seems quite the way I want it.

Brillig said...

uh, yeah. My whole house looks like a bomb went off (my parents would seriously have a heart attack if they could see how awful their place looks right now), so I totally understand. :-D But i can't WAIT to see the pics when you're done!!!

And I have TERRIBLE windshield wipers right now, so I feel that one too.

Hi, by the way! I've missed you!