The Craziness Thereof

Why is there so much to do before you leave town on vacation? In a few short days I will be heading to Lake Powell. I feel like I have a list of things to do that is near impossible to accomplish in 72 hours! Some things I have to do are fun little errands, like buying a new bathing suit and some cover-ups. The other half of my list involves cleaning, grocery shopping...ugh. It's true that it is a small price to pay for 4 days of doing nothing. Nothing! It sounds so fabulous! I need to get away, this past week has been crazy - Cody has hardly been home at all, I'm trying to help my friends (who live out of state) design and order their wedding rings, I'm madly planning the girls trip which is next month (although, I must admit I'm a genius - this year is going to rule), I'm trying to get everything squared away for this Powell trip and on top of everything else I'd like to find something to do with my life. Yes. Something that I love to do, that I'm good at, that I could make money doing - you know, the basic goals one wants in a career. *Sigh*, but I fear that will have to wait...until I get back from Powell, anyway!


Anonymous said...

its ann...i wish we were coming SO bad!!! We need to all get together so. And you and I need to go to lunch!

{lizzythebotanist} said...

i feel you! i am so talented and creative at so many things-except finding a way to use that to make money! so i manage a freaking call center. sigh....let's think of something good and partner up!