Flashback Tuesday

Jingle Bells! I realized yesterday that there are 6 months until Christmas. Of course I'm crazy to think of such a thing, but oh how I love the Holidays! Now, you know that Halloween is my favorite Holiday EVER and I host a big Halloween party every year. Recently, I started hosting a big Christmas party, too. Here are some photos from last years' festivities.

Brittany, Jim, Britt's daughter Morgan and Me during the party. I have to say that I find this picture funny - it looks like a family portrait or something and none of us are related. Well, except Brittany and Morgan...

This year we did White Elephants. Everybody brought one and the gifts ranged from thoughtful to racy! Here is Jim choosing his gift.

The big Christmas village Cody and I set up each year. I wasn't really into the whole Christmas Village thing until I met Cody's family. His parents set up a HUGE village every year! It's a tradition for all for all of us to go out the day after Thanksgiving and pick up a few new pieces for our villages. Our village isn't even half the size as Cody's parents, but we'll get there.

Me, Heather, Brittany and Morgan making carmels! Cody's family has this amazing recipe for homemade carmels - they are SO delish. We only make them during Christmas time and I basically live off of them until New Years. It's a pretty involved process to make them, so the girls came over and we made a few batches!

This was the picture we used in our Christmas cards. I love these little PJ's on Cache. They are little long johns with the trap door in the back! I don't know if you can see, but it has "...and to all a good night" embroidered on the back.

Now I'm all giddy for Christmas! I should probably listen to some Christmas tunes while I make breakfast. Ho ho ho!


Brillig said...

Well, girl, you are notorious for throwing a good party. Thank goodness you have six months (but will it be ENOUGH TIME???? hahahaha) to plan the next one.

{lizzythebotanist} said...

where on earth did you manage to find those trap door jammies!??!?! i want i want!

Heather said...

Cute photos...I can't believe you are thinking of Christmas today~so funny! Although a little cooler weather does sound nice right now~but no snow please!

Kelly said...

I LOVE Halloween too.
But. Your Christmas party looks Fabfun!!!!