Happy Fathers Day!

Goodness, where have I been? I feel like I haven't blogged forever. First, I want to wish all the Dad's out there a very Happy Father's Day!
My Dad, Brian. I love my Dad so very much - he's the hardest working man I know. I can talk to him about anything and he has always, always been there for me. I love him so much and he is the world's greatest Dad!

My Father-in-Law, Gary. I can't say enough about him - he has always been so wonderful to me and I just love him. He has been such a great Dad to Cody, we both look up to him. He is fearless and can do just about anything, how great is that?

My husband. Ahhhh, Cody. How lucky am I? Cody is the best Dad for little Cache. I don't know how to say this without it being totally cheesy, but I love that Cody is the one I get to raise children with. Does that even make sense? He's my best friend and it's awesome that we get to do this together. All kids love Cody, he is so patient with Cache, he is the biggest help to me and I don't know if he realizes how wonderful he is. He is such a great Dad, I love him for that. Happy Father's Day!
As I said in a previous post, my Sister has been in town and I've been spending almost every day with her. I love when she comes to visit! She'll be back in a few weeks, but I always feel like I need to see her every second when she's in town - she's such a blast to hang out with.
***A few days ago I realized that the girls trip I organize each year is next month!! It came up so fast, I swear I had more time. I'm frantically getting everything ready and I hope it all comes together in time. My life will be pretty crazy until then, wish me luck!

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Kateastrophe said...

Aw, I love all the Dad's you listed too!


I am a wee bit excited Just a widdwe bit.