Strawberry Days

This past week in Pleasant Grove has been the Strawberry Days Festival. I have never gone to Strawberry Days, didn't really know what it was about. All I knew is that there was a rodeo and that some of my cousins had been crowned "Miss Strawberry Days" during their pageant careers. Since Cody now works for Pleasant Grove Fire Dept, he was pretty involved with everything that goes on during this little festival...it's not little at all. As it turns out, it's a huge deal. There is a carnival, a parade, boutiques, contests - everyone in the City turns out for Strawberry Days. Oh, and they are enough strawberries to feed a small country.

I took Cache up to PG on Friday night so we could see the Life Flight Helicopter land at the Fire Station. He played on the fire trucks and later that evening Cody, Cache, and I walked through the carnival with our friends Marc and Jessica (was it full of crazy carnies? You betcha). Cache went on a few rides and had a total blast! Then we all went to get strawberry shakes (yummy) before calling it a night.

This morning was the parade, so I drove Cache over to the Fire Station so he could ride on the Fire Engine with the other fire kids. While I'd like to think he had a great time (he did sound excited when we were in the car on the way there), I think he was a little freaked out to be on top of the Engine. Cody walked with the Honor Guard, he looked very handsome in his dress blues! PG is sort of a small town, so the parade only lasted about an hour. After that we went to the Fire Station and had a big lunch with everyone in the department.

Cody and the Honor Guard opening the Parade

Our friends, Marc and Jessica

Cache and the other fire kids on top of the Engine
Tonight we went to the Rodeo with Marc and Jessica - Cache loved watching the horses and bulls.

It's been a long couple of days and I know Cody is very happy that Strawberry Days is over! I will admit that I enjoyed the perks of being a Fire Wife during the festival, we got reserved seating at the events and some special treatment. It was very fun, but I'm glad I have a year to gear up for the next one...


Kateastrophe said...

ah Strawberry Days . . . Did you know Miss Pleasant Grove has a Strawberry Day's Tea? That's how I met Sam the Weirdo . . . hitching a ride on his golf cart to the Strawberry Day's Tea. So sad . . . Anyway, so glad you had a good time! How fun to be so involved!!

The Bakers said...

Yah, who knew that PG could throw such a party. We missed the parade...on purpose, but I so would have gone if I would have known Cody was going to be in the Honor Guard...oh well.

Brillig said...

Wow! Very cool! I tried to drive through PG on Saturday on my way to Alpine. It was a very frustrating experience, as you can imagine! I, of course, had NO idea that it was Strawberry Days. Sounds like you guys had a great time!

Heather said...

This looks like so much fun...I should have made it down there to buy some strawberries! Yum!