What I'm Loving Wednesday

Lucky Magazine!

I tell you what, I love this magazine more than any other...ok, maybe not as much as the Martha Stewart Halloween issue. My sister introduced me to this mag about two years ago and I've been hooked ever since. It's FULL of glorious fashion pieces and it also includes prices and info on where you can buy everything - how great is that? They also have a page full of "Yes" and "Maybe" stickers that you can peel off and put at the top of a page where you have found something you love. I eagerly wait for this lovely little book of Heaven to arrive in my mailbox each month!

In other news, I feel like I have been cut off from the planet. We are getting a new internet service and I haven't had access for two days! (I'm currently using my Mom's computer) Ugh, it seems like forever. Hopefully it will be connected by tomorrow so I can spend countless hours in front of my little screen.

My sister and her kids are in town this week! Today my Mom, Andrea, Jess (sister-in-law) and I went to Ikea for the afternoon, it was fabulous as usual. I'm excited to spend so much time with her this week! She leaves on Saturday and then comes back in three weeks for the 4th of July.

Side note - Cody's 30th Birthday is coming up on July 7th (he was born 7-7-77, and he was 7 lbs. 7 oz. Oh yeah, he was in the paper) and I need some ideas! Usually I'm pretty great at throwing a little Birthday get-together, but I really want this one to be great and I'm not sure what to do. Help me out! (PS - Obviously? Me being pregnant, jumping out of a cake is not an option).


Rhonda Can't Help You said...

Is a Vegas trip too obvious? (777 lucky number 7 etc). Or maybe casino night?

Kateastrophe said...

DUDE! Rhonda we are so on the same page. I called Jewels tonight and left her a message that I might have a great idea for Cody's birthday and my idea was CASINO NIGHT! HAHAHA.

Brillig said...

Wo. That's weird. Remember Aaron (I wrote about him in one of my first soap opera sundays)? He had the SAME BIRTHDAY as Cody!

All I know is, if anyone can pull off the birthday party of the century, it's YOU!