35 Years

Happy Anniversary to my parents! They are spending a romantic weekend getaway in Scottsdale. There is no denying that my parents are ridiculously in love - when you meet them it's evident how much they mean to each other. My Dad worships the ground my Mom walks on - he does so much for her and is her biggest fan. My Mom is so supportive of my Dad and she still gets all mushy when he's around. I know, it gets nauseating - my sister and brothers and I have developed somewhat of an immunity, what with watching them be all kissy in front of us all our lives. I feel lucky to have such loving parents who really love each other. Here's to 35 more!

I have so much to post about, all these topics that have been going through my mind since...oh, yesterday. I have a lot to do today, so I will have to postpone said topics until tomorrow or the next day, but nevah feah! That just means that some trivial posts are on the horizon!

Saturdays Thankfuls...

1 - My own marriage. Cody is the perfect balance for me. When I think about it, Cody and I are very different. At least, we were when we started dating. I was a poser skater girl who loved punk music and Cody was a quiet cowboy who owned a Harley and a horse. But the more we dated, the more we had in common - our views and opinions and plans. I fell in love with him, who he is. Marriage is tough and we certainly have our moments, but there isn't anyone I would rather spend my life with.
2 - My sister. I love that I can tell her anything, ask her anything...she is my bestest friend and I love her, love her, love her.
3 - That I grew up in a creative family. I have so many memories of sitting at our dining table painting plasters, carving pumpkins or coloring pictures. Our parents really encouraged us to be creative and it still inspires me.
4 - My DVR. Dude - if I couldn't record my favorite shows, I don't know what I would do. Commercials are so last season!
5 - Braces. I have posted pictures of me before my orthodontic intervention and lets be honest, they weren't pretty. Hooray for brackets and wires that result in a straight smile!
5a - And thanks to my sister for marrying an orthodontist - now my kids will have straight teeth!


Kateastrophe said...

I'm grateful for your marriage too! You two are perfect for each other and I'm so glad the initial differences didn't make any . . . er . . . difference. Yeah. That.


Kateastrophe said...

Um forgot to mention the POINT of the post. I love Tayv and Brian. They were my best example of a great marriage growing up and I will be forever grateful to them for allowing me to feel like a little part of your family and always being so awesome to me. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

{lizzythebotanist} said...

it's true-i remember eating sunday dinner at your house once and your parents were totally flirting while doing the dishes, then snuck off to read harry potter (and of course it was harry pocifer or some weird word twist that you patch's do) by the fire. they really are so super cute. oh, and your dad had a huge painting of your mom in the bedroom! they are definitely an amazing couple.