Last night was I was talking to my sister about our daily 'thanks' that we put on our blogs. This little challenge has made me so aware of everything - not just things I'm thankful for, but things that I love and things that drive me crazy. We were laughing our heads off last night talking about how we could maybe turn something we hate into something we're grateful for.
"I'm thankful for the fact that I'm the only person on the road who uses a blinker"
"I'm thankful that I'm the only person that, when making a right hand turn, actually stays in the far right hand lane as the law intended."
"I'm thankful that my parents taught me how to not be an idiot"

So! Today I will be posting 5 things I'm thankful for, 5 things I love and 5 things I can't stand. I know it's not the original plan I had in mind, but hey - my challenge my rules.

5 things I can't stand...
1 - When someone has their car stereo turned up SO LOUD that my own car is shaking. Seriously...
2 - When people don't put their grocery carts in the cart return. I know that sometimes it's not possible or what have you, but when I see somebody load the groceries into their car and then simply push the cart into a clear spot and drive away? C'mon now.
3 - The phrase, "I'm trying to think..". I'm totally guilty of this - someone will ask me something and I'll reply, "I'm trying to think..." I mean, what is that all about? Trying think? Am I thinking or not!
4 - Fast and Furious cars. Or as I like to call them, 'Vin Vin' cars. Ugh, that was so '99 and even then it wasn't cool.
5 - When the title of a song has nothing to do with the lyrics. Like a song about cats is called, "My Summer in Amsterdam"

5 things I love...
1 - Watching a musical or old movie by myself. I tend to watch movies like that when Cody is at work, which allows me to react out loud or sing along without being ridiculed.
2 - That first sip of soda.
3 - When Cody tells me that I look beautiful after I have spent an hour getting ready for a night out.
4 - The fact that Cache is totally content watching a movie in the middle of the day so I can get some things done.
5 - Hearing a song on the radio that I like, typing in the lyrics that I remember into google, finding the title of the song and downloading it...all under 3 minutes.

5 things I'm thankful for...
1 - Lake Powell. That place is very personal to me - it reminds me of so many Summers with my family while growing up, it's where Cody told me he loved the first time and I plan on taking my own family there.
2 - The Beatles. Hahaha, I also love The Beatles, but again - I am thankful for the memories I have when I hear their music.
3 - The huge video camera my Dad bought in 1986. He said that he and my Mom were a bit hesitant to buy it because it was so expensive, but I am so glad they did - I have 3 DVD's full of old family videos because of it. Priceless.
4 - Jon, Adam, Jim...all of Cody's friends that have been such a good influence (you know what I'm talking about) and such loyal guys. He thinks of you as his brothers.
5 - That Cole is starting to sleep through the night!


Heather-Rita said...

Loved this post...so great!

Kateastrophe said...

Aww such a great post! I love it!!

{lizzythebotanist} said...

ah, yes. that first sip of soda. i sure miss my caffeinated coke! very cute post. i should probably thinkn about doing something like this to get me out of the dumps!

Andrea said...

Hilarious as always. You are fab-tabulous.