Ode to the Memories

Fabulous weekend! Yesterday Cody and I went to a baby blessing for little Stella Burch. It was great to see Jim and Heather and our friends after the blessing - we were able to sit and chat, much laughing was involved as usual. Again, I was feeling very lucky to have such great friends that I love so much. Congrats to Jim and Heather!

Speaking of friends, one of my oldest and best friends came over last night! Dearest Hannah, how I adore her. Hannah and I met in 7th grade and became fast friends. She brought over boxes of old letters and pictures, so I hauled my boxes of memories up from the basement and we compared notes. We were laughing so, so hard - I nearly passed out due to lack of oxygen. We read letters from old boyfriends, laughed at stupid pictures and got depressed realizing how skinny we once were. Perhaps the reason we are still friends is because we have enough dirt on each other that we could blackmail the other one with serious vengeance. Ha! It's strange to think how much time has gone by, but it doesn't feel like it. I can't believe how much we have experienced together. Thank goodness for girlfriends! It meant so much to have her drop what she was doing and just drive down here to spend some time with me - Hannah only lives about 10 minutes away, but sadly we don't see too much of each other. ALTHOUGH! This Wednesday we are going out with one of our dearest friends from years past. I am SO looking forward to it, I simply can't wait. Fear not, I will post about it. Duh.

Since I am a slacker, I didn't post any thankful things yesterday (in my defense, my internet was down last night), so here's the list for yesterday and today:

10 things I'm thankful for -

1 - Hannah
2 - My fitness blog - which I am updating today, go take a looky!
3 - Clorox wipes
4 - Long t-shirts
5 - The Dry Cleaners
6 - Warm weather in November
7 - Sports Bras
8 - The fact that, sometimes against my better judgment, I never threw away old letters or pictures
9 - Text messaging
10 - Leather interior


Kateastrophe said...

I miss you!! (*sob, sniffle*)

And I love your lists of thankfulness. I think i might copy you.

Rhonda Can't Help You said...

I'm with Kate- miss you!!

Can't wait to see you. Three days- EEEEEE!!!!