What a day! There are many pictures to accompany this post - buckle up.

First things first - the 5k!! Alright, it was more like a 6k since it was 4 miles...I got up early and layered up before going up to my parents house to pick up Andrea and Rich. The temperature? 23 degrees. We got registered and sat in the car with the heater on full blast waiting for the race to start. Hannah met up with us and we were all jumping around in the cold to prevent hypothermia. It was SO cold! Brr, I'm getting chilly just thinking about it. Here we are before the race...

Hannah and I showcasing our enthusiasm at the starting line...
and we're off!
The race began and we started trotting slowly. I heated up pretty quick which made the running bearable, but on one section of the course there was an extremely icy headwind - whew! I crossed the finish line in 50 minutes which isn't great, but hey - it was my first time and I'm pretty proud of that!
It was fun doing it with Andrea and Rich, and Hannah did an awesome job! I don't know that I will do that run next year, but it was fun. Now I just have to commit to doing a triatholon in April with the girls in Vegas...we'll talk about that later.

I baked some pies for dessert - here are the fruits of my labors (crumbs on the stove, nice). They were yummy!

After the race I took the boys up to my parents house for the Thanksgiving feast. A delicious meal, indeed! Cache decided to help my Mom frost her famous sweet rolls...well, by 'help' I mean he helped clean out the bowl.

Here we are sampling the sugary goodness.
I was able to take a little nap in the evening and then Rich and I rocked out on Guitar Hero. Cole hung out with my parents and watched his Mom jam.

His rockstar face is way better than mine, c'mon now.

Cody was able to come over for a few hours and it was great to see him - I'm about to head out the door so we can go have lunch at the fire station (Cody is working a 72). My sister and her family are here until Sunday, so I'm sure some more pictures will be taken and posted! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!...everybody ready for Christmas?

Thanksgiving thankfuls:

1 - My parents - I can ask my Dad anything, he seems to always have the answer! And my sweet Mother, overcoming her scary disease and having the strength to make Thanksgiving dinner! I am so lucky to have them as parents.
2 - My siblings - Andrea, Marty and Rich. They are my bestest friends, hands down. I love that we are so close.
3 - My Husband - Ahhh, Cody, still makes my heart jump. I love him so much, I don't deserve him! He is my world.
4 - The freedoms we enjoy. I feel extremely lucky to live in a country where our freedoms are so abundant. I know I take it for granted all too often.
5 - The knowledge of the Gospel.
6 - My children. It's still crazy to think I'm a Mom, I mean - we all know that I act like I'm 17. I feel so lucky that these little boys are mine. My children make me a better person...I love them so much.
7 - Having good friends. Recently I have re-connected with friends that I haven't seen in years and I love that. My life has truly been blessed with good, solid people I can call friends - they have shaped my life and I'm a better person for knowing them.
8 - Music. Whatever your fancy, music is so inspiring. I was listening to Christmas music while I was baking pies and the whole mood in my kitchen was so light and warm. Music can bring back to many memories and I love that I have come from a family who values music.
9 - My mind. Yes, my dear little brain. I have a knack for remembering things in detail. When I was younger, I would get teased for it quite a bit. I can hear something once and nearly remember it word for word. I didn't so much use that to my advantage in High School however...pity. But I am thankful for my sharp mind - it's a steel trap!
10 - My blog. What would I do without this outlet! I love being able to use this as my journal as well as a little window into my silly life for faraway friends and family to keep tabs on me.



Sara said...

How adorable is that picutre of Cole smiling? What a stinkin cutie!Congrats on the 5K see a triathalon after that will be a pie o' cake!

Kateastrophe said...

Dang girl! It would have taken me four hours to run four miles! I'm so proud of you!!!

Am I the only one who noticed that sweet Sar-bee wrote "pie o'cake?"


Adam Harward said...

Rock Band is the New Guitar Hero.....check it out. You will be able to use your chops as one of the band members.

Erin said...

Oh how I love you...you are so much fun. I miss the days at EWB, talking with all of the ladies. I miss them all, every single one...and it made me so extremely excited to run into you at the Turkey Race. It was a moment of triumph for me...who knew I could fun 4 miles? Anyway, stay in touch. www.petersoncamp.blogspot.com
Again I love you and I hope your family is well. You mentioned that your mom was ill, or had a disease? I hope that she is well and I always think of her on February 18th. She is so fun!

Erin said...

Did I acutally type fun 4 miles? Nothing fun about it...well other than finishing. I meant run 4 miles...Doh!