Thursday Things

Last night Cody I went to dinner with Hannah and her husband Frank, our dear old friend Matt and his wife Ivana, and ALL our kids! Holy Johnnies, there were 14 of us. Matt was one of our best friends about 9 years ago and though we have seen each other sporadically every now and then, we've finally decided to get together on a regular basis. Matt and Ivana just moved back to Utah after years of moving around and it's so great that they live nearby! They have two of the cutest little boys and it was fun having all the kids play with each other last night. Hanging out with Matt was just like old times - we picked up right where we left off. It was a fantastic evening, can't wait to see them again!

Ta-Da! Here is my new do!

I hope you can see the true color, it's pretty dark and I LOVE it. Cody is a fan, that's always good. I think it's darker than last time, I never thought I would like having brown hair but I'm a huge fan.

Today I have much going on. I need to finish putting Halloween stuff away (Ugh...there is so much) and I have lots of onesies to sew. My friend Rhonda has asked that I make some oneises for her friend that is having triplets - whoa! I also am making some for Hannah's niece and my sister-in-law's friend. Needless to say, I'll be a sewing fiend this afternoon. I made this onesie yesterday for Cole, so cute!

5 things I'm thankful for:

1 - Cologne. Swiss Army is still my favorite! I swear that stuff is bottled perfection. Delicious.
2 - Manicures.
3 - Brittany, Ann, Heather, Shari and Angie. These are Cody's friends' wives (got that?) and I'm glad that we are so close! We all get along so well and they are great friends.
4 - Long pants. I'm copying Kate on this, but I do love long, lean jeans. It's great when I can wear heels and my pants still graze the floor.
5 - Ikea. There is no way I could ever furnish my home without it.


Kateastrophe said...

As I said on the phone LUHOVE your hair. And Cole? Oh my GOSH he is so chubby and cute!! Nice work!!

Sara said...

LOVE YOUR HAIR! I could never pull off that delicious shade! AND COLE IS SUCH A DOLL! What a little cutie! OOOOHHHH I just want to kiss his cute little cheeks!

Brittany said...

Hi Jewels. I like you dark! I can't wait to see it in person!

The Bastian's said...

I LOVE your hair! I think you look so good with the darker hair-and are those Green eyes?! Does it get any sexier?! I think not! And Cole, what a cutie, I love the smile!

Nicole said...

I LOVE the new do!!!

Heather-Rita said...

Love the new look! im excited to see it in person!