Thanks for Guitar Hero

Yesterday Cody and I broke down...and bought Guitar Hero. Yes ladies and gentleman, we have no will power. We were planning on waiting until Christmas to buy it, but how can one resist the shiny buttons and headbanger tunes? We invited Jon and Britt over last night to break it in and we had such a great time! Britt and I chatted mostly, keeping an eye on the kids while Cody and Jon dueled on their guitars. The game is so addicting! I'm super happy we have it, any one want to come join us? Rock on!

In other Harvest news, my sister posted something today that got me thinking. While I love Christmas as much as the next person (I actually heard Christmas music on the radio yesterday!), I love Thanksgiving and I feel a bit sad that it is so overlooked each year. Andrea is posting 5 things she is grateful for every day and I am up to the challenge! I will attempt to do it every day at the end of each post...unless the 5 things I'm grateful for is my post. Anyone else want in on the thankful fun? It can be whatever you want, trivial or otherwise. Here we go!

5 things I'm thankful for...
1 - My sister's brilliant ideas - that way I don't have to worry about coming up with my own.
2 - My wit. Yep.
3 - Yellow leaves in the Fall. It's so golden outside right now, I just love it!
4 - Cody's days off.
5 - Good friends.


The Bakers said...

Um I am thankful for Julia inviting Frank and I over to play Guitar Hero because I have yet to play it once and I would be really thankful for the good time. ( "

Kateastrophe said...

I need to buy that game. The one time I played it I SUCKED at it, but it was still SO FUN!

Hmmm maybe a November 3rd present to myself is in order . . .

And PS . . . how cute is Cache with that guitar! I just want to eat him!

Adam Harward said...

Guitar Hero rocks my world