Eve of Turkey

I can't believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Where did this month go? So much to post about - my sister came into town and on Monday night she and my Mom came over to watch a movie and play a little Guitar Hero. It was so nice to hang out! Also - my sister introduced me to a new band called "Moving Units". Heard of them? Go check out the album called "Hexes for Exes" - fanfreakingtastic.

Yesterday my sister and I went to the track in the morning to run our guts out. Some of you may know that tomorrow morning I am running a 5k (ok, more than a 5k...it's about 4 miles) with my sister, brother and Hannah! I've been posting all about it on my fitness blog (www.readysteadyfit.blogspot.com). After we got a few miles in, we met up with my Mom and headed up to The Gateway to do some shopping! It was so much fun, just to spend the day with them. Cody was able to watch the kids, so I got the whole day to myself! We go in some lovely shopping and left with some treasures. Then last night after Cody and I made some dinner, Adam and Ann and Grady all came by. We visited and the boys rocked out on Guitar Hero. It was so great to see them!

This morning Cody went and picked up our new car - a '66 Dodge Coronet.

I know she looks a bit rough, but the engine sounds AWESOME. That low purr, so sexy. It has a 440 engine with dual exhaust (I'm told that is wicked awesome). I should probably call her 'the mistress' since Cody might be spending more time on the car than with me. Ha!

Today I actually have to brave Costco (I know, the day before Thanksgiving, am I crazy?) and have some pies to make. I LOVE baking pies for Thanksgiving! I'm very excited - Cody actually has to work tomorrow (so sad), but he should be able to come home in the evening to spend a few hours.

I'll be taking lots of pictures of the race tomorrow - I have to document this event because it may never happen again. I'm strangely excited to do this, I just hope I survive! Wish me luck! And to all of you who I love so much and am so thankful for, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Today's thanks...

1 - That Cody wasn't upset at me that I pretty much blew our sons' college tuition at Target the other day...
2 - The sounds that Cole makes when he's happy. I could watch him for hours as he smiles at himself and squeaks.
3 - Days that I get to spend with my Mom and my sister, I love them so much.
4 - The fact that Cache talks so well and so clear - I love hearing him talk, especially when he's mimicking me.
5 - My little family.


Kateastrophe said...

I hope the run went so well! I can't wait to hear about it!!!

Love you and Happy Turkey Day!!!

Adam Harward said...

Ann loves Moving Units