M3's and Lunchies

Glorious day today, glorious. Matt and Evana came over with their boys and spent the afternoon with us! We had a delicious lunch and talked constantly - I love them. They gave us tickets to hear Evana sing in a choir on Wednesday night and we're really excited to go! Frank and Hannah will be going with us and although it's a formal affair, I'm planning on making some huge signs on poster board for Evana. Any ideas on what they should say? "Go Evana!" "Ring a Sing Sing!"

My Brother Rich also stopped by and had some of our lunch goodness. Have I mentioned that he recently purchased a sexy BMW M3? White with black leather interior? Bells and whistles? No? Yeah, well - he did and it's glamorous. That automobile is a rocket, SO fast! He took me for a spin (literally, we fishtailed and it rocked) and I am officially in green with envy.

This week has many exciting things in store - tomorrow my sister is coming into town (YAY!) and we're planning on watching some girly movies together. Fantastic. Then on Tuesday we're going to spend the day with my Mom and do some shopping - always a good idea. Cody will be getting the new Coronet that day, as well (I'll post pictures!). Tuesday night I have a meeting to help plan my High School's 10 year reunion. I so can't believe it's been 10 years...Don't have many plans on Wednesday, except maybe to panic because early Thursday morning I am running a 5k. I have logged about my preparation for said race on my fitness blog (www.readysteadyfit.blogspot.com) and I have to admit that I'm a little nervous. I know I'll finish and I know it won't kill me, but I also know that it will be FA - REEZING that morning. Not so much looking forward to that part. Burr. I am running with Andrea and Richard, and Hannah may join us as well! Any one else want to participate in an arctic jog? Let me know. I think the main thing that will get me through that 5k will be the knowledge that a juicy turkey is waiting for me - I'm stoked for Thanksgiving!

Here are my Thanks for today:

1 - Digital Cameras. But did I use it today to document our lovely afternoon? Of course not, because I'm lame.
2 - Frozen cookie dough. So perfect when you want a quick dessert and the frozen cookies we have are so delish.
3 - Overnight shipping.
4 - Heat.
5 - This time of year. I so love the Fallidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. There is a distinct feeling in the air and I always want to bake something...frozen or otherwise.


Kateastrophe said...

OOoh good luck with your run on Thursday!! I'm sure you'll do FAB.

Super jealous of Rich's new car. Green with envy am I. Someday . . .

The Bakers said...

Um, so I've always wanted to try and kill myself by running a 5K totally unprepared. I'm so in...