Friday I'm in Love!

What is it about Fridays? I mean, yeah - the weekend, but Friday has this little spark about it...oh it's fabulous. Perhaps it's because I always feel like Friday night should be celebrated with a night on the town, or something. Hannah and I are going to dinner tonight and I'm stoked!

Today Cody was able to take a few hours off (always nice when he's working a 72 hour shift), so I picked him up at the Fire Station and we went to lunch with my Grandparents. Cache loves them and my Grandmother was excited to spend some time with Cole.

I must say, my Grandparents are so incredible - I love them so, so much. I'm glad that we are so close with them and that my kids are getting to know them. They have lived such amazing lives and are the classiest couple.

Random note - I found some tunes that I LOVE and since I'm such a giver, I thought I would share them with you. The songs are called "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop" and "Can't Let Go", both by Landon Pigg. "Can't Let Go" is available on iTunes, but you can only hear "Coffee Shop" on his MySpace page - http://www.myspace.com/landonpiggmusic. Go have a listen!

Before I post my daily thankfuls, I thought I should post about some other things that I've been thinking about. Remember how I said that since my Sister and I have decided to post things we are thankful for this month, we have also been thinking about things we love and hate? (It was in this post, feel free to read). Today I was thinking of just a few things that...confuse me. Here we go...

1 - When a I see super nice wheels on a crappy, rusty car. What the? Note - usually these are ghetto wheels, but you get what I mean.
2 - Why do people where a sweater, a coat, jeans and flip flops in the Winter? Don't your feet get cold?
3 - When I see people walking on the sidewalk...with no bag or purse...just empty-handed...walking....I mean, where are they going?

Ok, enough - here are my daily thanks:

1 - For my Grandparents. I love them so much - such solid people that inspire me.
2 - Guitar Hero. Yep, I'm that shallow.
3 - Target. As my sister put it, "Crack for Moms". I could spend hours in that store!...and I do.
4 - Modern medicine.
5 - The nights that Cody and I make dinner together.


The Bastian's said...

New announcement from the Provo Mayor yesterday... Target is comin' to Provo-Woohoo!
I love the confusion ones you added, where are those people going?

Andrea said...

Great Post. Love the Grams.
Juls- I love you like your my only sister. And your kids are just adorable. ADORABLE. Look at their cheeks! But I am begging you to put down the hair gel and walk away. OR at least trim the hawk down a little. I miss those blue eyes because the hair draws my vision upward to oblivion. If it's not hair gel, then get plug protectors.
Please don't hate me. I lova lova you!